Piano 4 hands

Two artists, each with their own ideas, who find unity in making music. Four-hands piano literature and own transcriptions on one or two pianos. We offer four-hand piano music at concerts or festive occasions with a selection of the most diverse styles.

A collage of dances from the international classical concert literature are on the program of the two pianists Yeow Hoay Aw and Sabrina Hummel. The joie de vivre in the Slavonic Dvorak, the fiery Spanish dances of Moszkowski, the Habanera from the opera Carmen and the gypsy color in the Hungarian dance of Brahms determine the first part of the evening. A foray through Central and South America will lead the listener leads the listener further with spirited rhythms of Latin American dances such as Cha-Cha-Cha and Mambo, which concludes with idiosyncratic, swinging tangos by Piazzolla.


Since the early days of moving pictures, music has been used specifically to support what is happening on the screen.

Movies in concert: With Duo 4te Piano and unforgettable melodies through the history of film with great cinema successes such as Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean, music of famous agent films, Disney productions, the soundtrack of H. Mancini or J. Williams or musical -/ and opera adaptations.